Even MSM Admits: Maxine Waters is Either a Liar or Losing Her Mind


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has shot to the forefront of congressional opposition to President Trump.

In fact, Waters is chomping at the bit for an opportunity for impeachment.

She’s said as much on NUMEROUS occasions.

But when pressed on the matter in recent interviews, she straight out DENIED having ever called for Trump’s removal from office.

So blatant was Waters’ contradiction that even the Trump-haters over at MSNBC were calling her out:

Hallie Jackson, Craig Melvin, and Mark Murray, the California congresswoman was explicitly called out for her denial of reality:

HALLIE JACKSON: “… pretty strong words from somebody else on the other side of the aisle. Maxine Waters, right? The congresswoman [indecipherable] during that interview with Craig Melvin earlier in the week here on this network, but she seemed to back tracked off those called to impeach President Trump. Here’s what she said.”

JACSKON: “So, Mark, she’s become kind of a vocal voice for this impeachment call. And you heard what she just said. Is she splitting hairs?”

MARK MURRAY: “More than splitting hairs, Hallie. Here’s what she’s actually tweeted in the past, saying that she’s going to fight every day until he’s impeached. Then you end up having another interview that she had where she said get ready for impeachment. And I believe we also have some sound of her using the ‘I’ word not too long ago.”

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MURRAY: “And, so, Hallie, you can be pretty clear that she has called for President Trump’s impeachment there.”

JACKSON: “I think that does clarify it, Mark, thank you.”

Maxine Waters is either a liar too ignorant to realize you can’t get away with contradictions like that in the digital era, or she is literally losing her mind.

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Either way, it’s time for Maxine Waters to GO…

H/T American Thinker

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