European Nation Opens First CONCENTRATION CAMP Since Hitler… Guess Who It’s For?


If you thought concentration camps were a thing of the past, a relic of World War II, think again.

A European nation has just opened a concentration camp for the first time since Adolf Hitler, and liberals can pretty much thank themselves for making it happen.

From the Daily Mail:

Chechyna has opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler, where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death.

It comes after it was claimed 100 gay men had been detained and three killed in Chechnya last week.

A report by Novoya Gazeta said authorities had set up several camps where homosexuals are killed or forced to promise to leave the republic.

Chechnya is a Muslim country.

And since part of the liberal agenda is to tip-toe around Muslim intolerance, Islamic nations feel emboldened to commit the kinds of atrocities they never would have considered 30 years ago.

Like opening concentration camps where they can torture homosexuals.

Way to go, liberals.

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