European Leaders are On Their Hands and Knees Begging Trump Not to Leave


Who would have thought that European leaders who ridiculed Americans for electing Donald Trump to the White House would not be on their hands and knees begging him not to go?

According to former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, that’s the scene that’s likely to greet Trump when he attends a meeting of NATO next week in Brussels.

European leaders are “scared to death” that Trump’s going to pull American troops out of the continent in the near future, precisely as the threat of Russian ambitions is growing.

Panetta made the remarks in an interview with McClatchy.

It was one of Trump’s election campaign promises to withdraw American forces from NATO countries that failed to pay their fair share of the cost.

For decades, the US largely footed the bill for NATO’s deployments against the threat of Soviet and now Russian expansion.

Trump said “enough is enough,” and Europe is getting anxious that the time has come to make good on that promise.

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