European doctor: Fear of being called racist contributing factor to spread of coronavirus


A former European Society of Virology doctor was quoted in a CNN article suggesting that fears of being labeled racist contributed to the lack of readiness and the devastating spread of the coronavirus in Italy. 

“There was a proposal to isolate people coming from the epicenter, coming from China,” European Society of Virology’s Dr. Giorgio Palu said. “Then it became seen as racist, but they were people coming from the outbreak.” 

Palu concluded that fear led to the current situation and added that the country was “lazy in the beginning” and referenced “too much politics in Italy.”

Palu said he believes the lockdown should have been wider and stricter earlier and should be tighter now as millions of Italians are currently being forced to stay home.

“We should have done more diagnostic tests in Lombardy where there was a big nucleus,” Palu said “There is no sense in trying to go to the supermarket once a week. You have to limit your time out. Isolation is the key thing.”

Italy has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the world during the coronavirus crisis and has witnessed over 4,000 deaths and almost 50,000 confirmed cases.

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