Europe Just Surrendered… This Is NUTS! Is America Next??


Europe has effectively surrendered to Islamic Sharia Law after a German court ruled that Muslims are permitted to enforce their own justice.

A gang of seven Muslim thugs formed a vigilante patrol in the German town of Wuppertal.

When complaints were brought before a local court, the judge ruled that the Muslims were not breaking any German laws.

The judge called what the Muslims were doing an exercise in “free speech.” It doesn’t get any more “politically-correct” than that.

Sharia Zone

Encouraged by the ruling, the Muslims established a “Sharia-controlled zone.” And leaflets were distributed to let everyone know who really controls the streets.

Now, both Muslims and non-Muslim’s passing through the zone are pressured to attend mosques. All passersby are also forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or listen to music.

Wuppertal Mayor Peter Jung slammed the phenomenon. “The intention of these people is to provoke and intimidate and force their ideology upon others,” he said.

Local Police Chief Birgitta Radermacher insisted that “monopoly of power lies exclusively with the State.” She also strongly opposed the court. “These ‘Sharia Police’ are not legitimate,” she said. “Call 110 [police] when you meet these people.”

Too Little, Too Late

While some officials are fighting back, it might be too little, too late.

Already, Muslims across Germany are ignoring the legal court system. They now settle disputes in Sharia Courts that have sprung up all over Europe.

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