ESPN Polls Viewers on National Anthem, Then Tries to Ignore the Inconvenient Results


ESPN has of late joined CNN as one of the most blatantly biased and ridiculous “news” networks on television.

But last week, ESPN kind of crossed the line by treating its viewers like toddlers who can’t even count.

Hoping to make a strong point for the liberal agenda, ESPN conducted a survey on American attitudes regarding the NFL protests during the National Anthem.

The results were pretty definitive, but ESPN tried to paint them as anything but.

From Breitbart:

The poll found that a lopsided majority disapprove of the anthem protests, with 51 percent either somewhat or strongly disapproving of the anthem protests, while only 39 percent approved. If this were a political poll, a 51-39 disparity would be called a definitive, and direct statement. Even a predictor of certain electoral victory.

Moreover, had the poll found that 51 percent of people approved of the anthem protests, this poll would have been celebrated and paraded on every show across every platform ESPN has.

Yet, because this result doesn’t fit ESPN’s narrative, the results get described as “mixed” or “divided.”

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