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Entitled Muslims Demand US Company Submit To SHARIA LAW, GET RUTHLESS RESPONSE!


Muslim migrants always seem to think that they are better than REAL Americans and therefore deserve special perks that the rest of us aren’t privy to.

Some Muslim refugees in Colorado, however, just learned the hard way that they aren’t actually entitled to extra privileges just because they follow Allah.

Over 200 Muslim workers, many of whom were migrants from Somalia, recently walked out of their jobs at a Colorado meat-packing plant after demanding that they be given special breaks to pray.

The company refused, instead telling the Muslims that they are free to pray on their designated breaks like any other employee, but this wasn’t enough for them.

Instead of submitting to the Muslims’ demands, however, the company responded by firing over 190 of the workers from their jobs after they refused to come back.

The Muslims were stunned that their plans had backfired, and they begged for their jobs back, but the company wasn’t having any of it.

The Colorado company ended up deciding it would be better for them to hire employees who were not so entitled and demanding.


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