Instant Justice

Entitled McDonald’s Employee Refuses to Serve Police Officer. Gets Harsh Instant Justice


This is the sad state of American liberalism.

Thankfully, common decency and the rule of law still hold sway in most parts of the country, and entitled brats aren’t being allowed to get away with this nonsense.

Our story takes us to Virginia, where Department of Game and Inland Fisheries officer Scott Naff was caught off guard by a local McDonald’s employee who refused to serve him.

“I ain’t serving no cop,” the drive-thru clerk told Naff.

Naff’s wife, Cathy, was outraged, and took to Facebook to expose this scumbag:

Cathy Naff was not only disgusted by the behavior of the clerk, but by the restaurant manager, who refused to intervene. In fact, it was another employee that had to come out and bring Naff his food.

After being made aware of the incident, McDonald’s launched an investigation, and this liberal slime ball was unceremoniously fired.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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