End Game: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Implies Communism The Solution To Crisis? Guaranteed Income Could Be ‘Solution’ [Opinion]


Speaker Nancy Pelosi, herself a progressive, took a giant leap towards that goal when she announced to an audience of equally “progressive” MSNBC that “others have suggested a guaranteed minimum income for people…”


“Other people” means her people… her advisors…

But, for the power that would accrue to goddess Pelosi, what is the cost involved in such folly?

For this exercise we estimated there are 331,000,000 residents in the U.S.  There are approximately 257,000,000 adults over the age of 18 who would qualify for Pelosi’s guaranteed minimum income.

At the height of the recent economic resurgence, there were an estimated 160,000,000 employed individuals.  With the recent layoff of 22,000,000 workers that number is down to 138,000,000 working Americans.

Pelosi’s plan would require the current 138 million workers to carry the water for an additional 119 million freeloaders.    

Workers pay into state unemployment funds for this protection… unemployment funds that, in too many cases, have been raided and left bankrupt by corrupt politicians who couldn’t keep their grubby paws off any kitty of money they had access to.

Pelosi is appealing to desperate unemployed persons and non-workers… those who feel that by the virtue of their parents conjugating they have a right to the work product of others…

If that guaranteed minimum income was even $1,000 per month, that would add $1.5 Trillion in spending while adding zero productivity to the economy.  

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As much as $2,000 per month has been floated by those seeking to seduce the ignorant masses… with zero productivity added to the economy.

At either amount, Pelosi would have you pick up more for others than the government allows you to deduct for your own dependents.

To pay for that the cost of everything produced in the United States would necessarily have to increase exponentially making us less competitive in the world economy at a time when we’re poised to repatriate key manufacturing sectors.

Think about it this way.  If your spouse, who doesn’t work, runs up massive credit card debt you won’t be richer when the bill comes due.  You either make more money… enough to cover those debts… or you go bankrupt.

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When it comes to government, that means higher taxes and slower economic growth… things that Pelosi has been after forever. 

Oh, and your kids can pay the interest on that debt for eternity or until the country goes bankrupt.

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