Elon Musk Takes Notice After Being Urged To Look Into Large Twitter Accounts With ‘Fake Influence’


Elon Musk seems to be taking his role to clean up Twitter seriously. After being asked by conservatives on the platform to look into accounts that have “fake influence” by such acts as purchasing followers, the billionaire signaled he was looking at the issue.

On Wednesday, following a series of tweets from Musk that indicated he was looking at Twitter issues, the new owner responded to conservative personality Dave Rubin’s request that he investigate some accounts, including The New York Times, that were getting poor engagement in proportion to the number of followers they have.

Rubin surmised that some accounts have bought their followers instead of letting their users grow naturally.

Rubin directly appealed to Musk on Twitter. He wrote, “Hey @elonmusk, as long as your [sic] digging, check into how @nytimes @forbesetc., bought their Twitter followers to fake influence.”

Rubin then explained, “NY Times has 53 million ‘followers’ and rarely gets 50 RT’s,” and added “I could post a [banana] emoji and a pic of a 80’s sitcom star and get more. (See next tweet.)”

Rubin then proved his point with a subsequent tweet featuring a picture of Estelle Getty from The Golden Girls captioned with a banana emoji. That tweet alone had over 4… (Read more)

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