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Elon Musk Considers The Right Of Gun Ownership ‘An Important Safeguard Against Potential Tyranny Of Government,’ Says He Favors Restricting Assault Weapon Sales To Individuals In Special Situations


Billionaire business magnate Elon Musk told CNBC via emails on Wednesday that he is in favor of “tight background checks” for all firearm sales and that he supports restricting assault weapon sales to individuals in special situations, such as gun range proprietors or individuals residing in a “high risk location, [such as an area with prolific] gang warfare.”

Musk also noted that he thinks the right to bear arms serves as a critical check against the possibility of tyrannical governments.

“Regarding recent events, the shooters are obviously doing this to generate the most amount of attention possible. Why is the media doing exactly what the mass murderers want?” Musk wrote, according to the outlet.

“I strongly believe that the right to bear arms is an important safeguard against potential tyranny of government. Historically, maintaining their power over the people is why those in power did not allow public ownership of guns,” Musk noted.

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