Elizabeth Warren’s Silly Anti-Trump Antics Just Landed Her in Big Trouble


The American voter, even on the liberal side of the aisle, is only willing to tolerate so much.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has spent much of the past two years bashing President Trump and pretending to be a Native American, and little else.

Due to an overriding desire to smear Trump, many liberals, even in academia, were willing to accept Warren’s claims of native ancestry without any proof whatsoever.

Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania even listed her as a “woman of color” and a “Native American” on various faculty and committee lists.

Just to make clear here – Elizabeth Warren is a white woman who’s grandmother once told her there was Native American blood somewhere deep in her family tree.

Unfortunately for Warren, she’s pushed this fairytale so hard that it might now cost her an upcoming reelection.

She’s been increasingly mocked, even by liberal television personalities like Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Now, prominent Democratic figures are demanding Warren apologize or risk losing her reelection bid, to say nothing of her presidential aspirations.

Said Tom Bonier, CEO of the Democratic polling firm TargetSmart:

“From a strategic perspective, taking the live step of taking responsibility and an apology, even while noting that it was not her intention to harm anyone, is important. Will that change votes? I don’t think that doing so will lose her votes.”

A number of actual Native Americans have also expressed outrage over the debacle, which is certain to become a major distraction during Warren’s next election campaign.

Said Rebecca Nagle, a Cherokee advocate who, on Nov. 30, penned the scathing rebuke of Warren on ThinkProgress:

“Her false claims back up some of the worst stereotypes of Indians, which is that we no longer exist and we’re not seen as a contemporary or vibrant community. I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.”

The problem is that Warren has taken this nonsense so far that to backtrack now will look equally as bad, and will certainly provide endless fodder for ridicule by Trump and her Republican challengers.

H/T The Federalist Papers

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