Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Take DNA Test, Insists That She Isn’t…


Sen. Elizabeth Warren just can’t seem to keep from making a fool of herself.

Of course, she put herself on that path of notoriety for boasting Native American heritage when the only “proof” she had was an old fairytale by her grandmother.

Well, now the people want some real evidence.

But Warren won’t give it.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Warren refused to submit to a 23&Me-style genetic test.

Instead, she tried to pass off some kind of Romeo-and-Juliet story about her parents having to flee Oklahoma in order to be together because her mother had the high cheekbones common to Plains Indians.

Yes, that’s her new “proof.” Her mother’s high cheekbones.

Warren also insisted she wouldn’t attempt a run for the White House in 2020, but, well, it’s difficult to really trust a woman who’s still playing Cowboys and Indians well into her 60s.

H/T Daily Wire

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