Elementary School Says It Had No Choice But to Cancel Christmas. The Reason Why? Shameful…


An elementary, or primary, school is taking some heat after surrendering its Christmas celebrations in the name of multiculturalism.

As many have rightly pointed out, being welcoming of outsiders is one thing. But once you start abandoning your own culture and religion to appease another, you don’t create a vacuum in which all can live and be tolerate of one another.

You create a vacuum that will be filled by the other.

From RT news:

Parents of local children, education officials and leading Danish politicians have criticized a primary school after it chose to cancel the traditional Christmas service, due to the presence of students of immigrant backgrounds.

“We took the decision because we have children who are not Protestant,” Marianne Vederso Schmidt, the head of Gribskolen in Graested, a town of fewer than 5,000 people in eastern Denmark, wrote in an intranet posting earlier this month.

Schmidt noted that the decision may have been overdue, as the education law forbids preaching “and it must be left to the individual families whether they want to privately attend a service.”

Ten parents complained to the primary school, and the story was immediately picked up by national media, which speculated that the move was aimed at appeasing the sensitivities of Muslim students. Some accused Gribskolen of double standards, considering that last year it staged a ‘Syria Week’ in which Danish children immersed themselves in Middle Eastern culture, and were given lessons by immigrants.

You can see happening here precisely what was cautioned earlier.

This school has surrendered its community’s own culture and traditions so as to not offend newcomers. But those newcomers did not respond in kind.

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Instead, the local children have been forced to adopt, or at least accept, portions, if not all, of the newcomers’ culture and religion.

This is not a recipe for tolerance and multiculturalism. It is a recipe for disaster. But liberals won’t see it until it’s too late.

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