Elderly Man Beaten in Public for Wearing MAGA Hat


Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real thing.

There’s simply no other explanation besides a mental disorder for the way some liberals are reacting to President Trump and his supporters.

While they pretend to be the party of tolerance, liberal Democrats demonstrate absolutely none for anyone who dares to publicly express support for our elected president.

They’ll even go so far as to commit blatant and brutal crimes to stress their intolerance of everything Trump.

That’s what happened at a grocery store in Somerset, New Jersey (not far from New York City) this week, when a raging millennial punk assaulted an elderly man wearing a MAGA hat.

New York News 4 reports:

A 19-year-old has been arrested for attacking an 81-year-old man wearing a MAGA hat, prosecutors say.

Police responded to a grocery store on Elizabeth Avenue around 3:30 p.m. on Monday after receiving a report of a fight, the Somerset County prosecutor’s office said.

When they arrived, an 81-year-old Franklin Township resident told them he had just bought groceries and left the store when another man, identified by prosecutors on Wednesday as Ryan Salvagno, 19, of Somerset, confronted him about the MAGA hat he was wearing, the prosecutor’s office said.

After a brief argument, the 81-year-old turned and tried to walk away — at which point Salvagno grabbed the hat, according to prosecutors.

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As the two struggled over the hat, Salvagno allegedly grabbed the 81-year-old’s arm, threw him to the ground, tipped over his grocery cart and tossed the hat aside, prosecutors said.

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