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Elderly Man Attacked by Pit Bull on Streets of New York


A 72-year-old man and his 9-year-old grandson were viciously attacked by a pit bull while walking down the street in New York City.

Abdul Hakim said the dog suddenly ran up behind them and starting tearing at his arm.

Hakim suffered severe and deep wounds, some going all the way to the bone.

After finishing with him, the pit bull went for the child. But his grandfather fought ferociously to keep the dog away.

“He was about to bite him so he had to fight the dog to protect his grandson,” said Rukon Hakim, translating for his father. “He had to kick the dog as hard as he could.”

Careless Owners

The pit bull in question was with its owners at the time of the attack. An adult owner reportedly handed the leash to his young daughter.

But, as Hakim recalled, the dog was much heaver and stronger than the girl. And it easily broke away and went on a rampage.

Local officials are urging pet owners, especially those of more dangerous animals, to be more vigilant.

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