Elderly Couple Surprised to Find Police at Their Door. Even More Surprised by the REASON for the Visit


Show this story to anyone who tells you Blue Lives don’t matter, or matter less.

Our men and women in uniform are there to serve and protect, and we couldn’t do it without them.

That was quite literally true in the case of one elderly couple who were surprised by the reason for a return visit by local police officers.

Via Good News Network:

According to a Facebook post from the Sunnydale Department of Public Safety in California, the officers were called to the couple’s home in response to a medical emergency.

Once the patient was treated, the cops couldn’t help but notice that the couple’s wheelchair ramp was in dire need of repair.

Since the couple was physically and financially unable to fix the ramp themselves, the officers left the residence to gather some supplies before returning to the home and fixing the ramp.

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