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EARTHQUAKE: Trump Just REWROTE the Rules of Mideast Peace


President Trump just sent the international community, and especially the Arab world, into hysterics as he effectively rewrote the rules of Middle East peace.

Speaking at a press conference with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said that he, unlike previous US presidents, is not tied to a two-state solution leading to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state.

That statement is certain to please many Israelis who see the birth of a Palestinian state on their biblical heartland as an existential threat to the Jewish state.

Trump did ask Israel to refrain from too much settlement activity for the time being, but said that his administration will go along with whatever solution to the conflict that Israel thinks best.

In other words, Trump just put Israel in the driver’s seat, whereas past presidents tried to control Middle East peacemaking to the detriment of all involved.

And it seems Trump and Netanyahu did discuss ideas about what solution might be best.

And it didn’t focus on the Palestinians, as past failed efforts have.

Instead, Netanyahu said a genuine solution must involve all countries in the Middle East, and concern over Iran’s nuclear efforts provide a strong opportunity for moving in that direction.

Trump said he thought that such an approach is “a terrific thing.”

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