Dying CNN Pushed Conor McGregor To MOCK Trump. BACKFIRES He SHAMES CNN!


CNN is just looking for athletes, celebrities and “VIPs” to mock and insult Trump.

They have no other argument that can stand to Trump’s awesome popularity and victory!

UFC was a trending topic. So any chance they had to mock Trump, they’d take it. Even if it ultimately resulted in a rear-naked choke from McGregor.

HA HA HA This is actually Fun!


“I don’t care!” But that line was to desperate CNN who made fools of themselves yet again for asking a lazy question of a fighter.

My actual favorite McGregor line comes from UFC 205, in which McGregor says “From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody!” Here, watch. It’s glorious.

HEY Liberals, why don’t we let sport be sports, movies be movies etc.

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Let’s END this nonsense!

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