Donald Trump’s Epic REAL Response When Approached by Russian Prostitutes


The liberal, Trump-hating mainstream media has been going wild with a recently released “intelligence” dossier claiming Russia had compromising evidence regarding the president-elect.

The most salacious claim in the report was that Trump had engaged several prostitutes to perform bizarre sexual acts during a 2013 visit to Moscow.

It didn’t matter that Russia and Trump denied that claims, and that there was zero actual evidence of their veracity. The mainstream media was having too much fun to let facts get in the way.

But now a former Trump adviser who was on that 2013 trip has come forward, and tells a far different tale.

The unnamed adviser told The Daily Caller that while in Moscow, Trump agreed to appear in a music video for popular Russian pop star Emin Agalarov.

After the performance, Agalarov offered to send prostitutes to Trump’s hotel room. But the adviser said that Trump’s chief of security, Keith Schiller, shot the offer down immediately.

Afterwards, on Trump’s orders, Schiller posted guards to ensure no unauthorized guests even came close to Trump’s hotel room.

The adviser also noted how ridiculous the claims against Trump were considering how concerned the billionaire was about foreign governments and companies spying on him.

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