Donald Trump Jr. Send MASSIVE Message to Whoopi Goldberg – SHE IS DONE!


Why, oh why didn’t Whoopi and her celebrity fellows leave this country in November? They made a huge promise, and said to leave the country if Donald Trump wins the elections. Well, he won, and they’re still here messing around, and bashing the President for his love for this country.

The View host tried to rebuild her popularity, and boost career via her comments on President Trump. But, Donald Trump Jr. isn’t buying any of her stuff, and now he’s “encouraging” her and her friends to leave this country. This is actually a good advice, because America can’t grow big if people tear it apart from the inside.

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But, these celebrities stick together, and join their efforts to put a black dot on the President’s efforts to strengthen this country. They have entire organizations build on lies, corruption, fake information, and of course, let’s not forget the mainstream media.

They should all gather, and head towards their private jets, and let America be. This country doesn’t need hypocrites and liars. We don’t need someone to tell us we did wrong back in November, because we made a smart choice, and the President proved that he is the only leader that could get this country out of the mess Obama put it in.

Former president Barack Hussein Obama encouraged all these people to go against the President and his family, telling them that he’s not fit for the role he’s running for. Was Hillary a better candidate? Absolutely not, and they should be well aware of it. Maybe one day the will all understand that we’re flying towards a brighter future, and President Trump gave us first class tickets.

What do you think about this?

Do you support Donald Trump Jr.? Should Whoopi and her friends keep their promises and leave this country for good?

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