Dominion Voting Systems Demands Sidney Powell Retract Election Fraud Statements


Dominion Voting Systems, via a law firm, demanded that lawyer Sidney Powell demanded that she retract statements about its voting machines.

The letter, written by Clare Locke LLP, accused Powell of engaging in a “reckless disinformation campaign” that is “predicated on lies that endangered Dominion’s business and the lives of its employees.”

“We write to demand that you retract your most serious false accusations,” the letter continues.

The letter cited Powell’s claims of Dominion’s ties to Venezuela and late strongman Hugo Chavez, as well as claims that “Dominion paid kickbacks to Georgia in return for a ‘no-bid’ contract to use Dominion systems in the 2020 election, and that Dominion rigged the 2020 … election by manipulating votes, shifting votes” and “installing and using an algorithm,” according to the law firm. Powell should retract such statements, they added.

Furthermore, the company’s representatives alleged that Powell “knowingly or recklessly” made false claims about Dominion but “made them anyway, and therefore acted with actual malice.”

It noted that some counties in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—that also used Dominion systems—”ended up going for [President] Trump.”

And these assertions, the firm said, also “exposed” herself and the “Trump campaign to substantial legal risk of defamation,” according to th… (Read more)

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