DOJ Says It Won’t Agree To Payments To Families Separated At Border


The Department of Justice informed lawyers for those separated at the border by the Trump administration that it would no longer seek to negotiate a settlement with payments to the families, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said Thursday.

The development in the case follows weeks of Republican lawmakers harping on the Biden administration following reports it was considering settling the case with payments of as much as $450,000.

“After our government deliberately abused young children by separating them from their families, today they’ve walked away from negotiations to help those who were traumatized heal,” the ACLU wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

“Candidate Biden promised to help these children and families. But today, President Biden is shamefully playing politics with their lives and futures. We will never forget who takes action to help these families — and who turns their backs on them.”

Under former President Trump’s family separation policy, some 2,800 families were separa… (Read more)

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