Doctor Told Woman to Give Her Child MiraLAX, But What it Did to Her is HORRIFYING


Cases of children being prescribed inappropriate medication are on the rise. Is it a problem of doctors getting lazy under Obamacare?

Jeanie Ward was just one of numerous parents whose children were suffering from constipation. No problem, family doctors said. Give them a medication called MiraLAX.

And that’s when the real problems began.

WPVI 6 ABC Action News reports:

The families say a doctor recommended a seemingly harmless over the counter laxative to treat their children’s bellies, but the side effects, some say, were like a switch that was flipped and their once happy, laughing children, turned angry and dark.

“Near psychiatric events with paranoia, mood swings, aggression, rage,” parent Jeanie Ward said.

Jeanie Ward’s daughter Nicole was placed on MiraLAX when she was just 3 1/2-years-old. Within ten days, she says Nicole turned manic, aggressive, and paranoid.

“It was horrifying to see my daughter change like that and to not come completely go back to normal,” Ward said.

Nicole Oerkfitz is now 19 and lives in North Wales, Pa.

“I was a very, very happy child. When I was 2, I was running around playing. In second grade I started hating everybody. I wanted to kill everybody. I’m mad that this happened to me,” Oerkfitz said.

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Even though the label doesn’t recommend MiraLAX for children under 17 and limits use to seven days, the parents Action News spoke with say pediatricians prescribe it like water, and for extended periods of time.

Numerous other families described similar experiences.

Finally, years later, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is launching a study into the use of MiraLAX with young children, and how to help those who were affected.’

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H/T Independent Journal Review

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