Doctor Sued for Calling Homosexuality a ‘Disease’ – Here’s How the Court Ruled


It is taboo and certainly not politically-correct these days to suggest that homosexuality is anything but a normal way of life.

And it doesn’t matter what science or the observable laws of nature have to say on the matter.

At least not to liberals.

But some folks aren’t content to allow political and social agendas rule their worldview.

One such person is Dr. Silvana De Mari, who was sued in Italy for calling homosexuality a “disease.”

De Mari is a leading psychotherapist and surgeon, as well as being outspoken regarding the true nature of homosexuality.

According to her, homosexuality is clearly not a normal condition.

And that’s resulted in Italy’s LGBT community labeling De Mari as a “homophobe” and trying to sue her defamation.

But, astoundingly, the court was forced to rule that De Mari was innocent of the charge.

Via Breitbart:

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After months of deliberation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has ruled that the statements by the 64-year-old doctor and author did not constitute defamation because of the impossibility of identifying the individuals who would have possibly suffered injury from the claim.

The lawyer representing Torino Pride, the LGBT group suing De Mari, was outraged by the ruling:

The lawyer representing the case of Torino Pride, Nicolò Ferraris, has continued to assert that Doctor De Mari had no right to express an idea that many people find offensive.

“The offenses pronounced publicly by De Mari are aimed at LGBT movements and not only at LGBT people, and they are not opinions but offenses,” he said.

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