Do You Want to See Obama in Jail? This Intel Officer Says It Could Happen, SOON!


Barack Obama is evil. But he’s no mastermind.

His arrogance and lack of experience is about to prove his undoing, if what this former intelligence officer says is true.

In an interview with USA Radio, former intelligence officer Lt.-Col. Tony Shaffer said we may soon witness the very first felony indictment against a former president.

Said Shaffer of Obama’s wiretapping of President Trump during the election campaign:

“…I think it is very possible that he acted outside of the scope of his duties, responsibilities and authorities to turn the resources of a nation-state on a candidate. This is, as I’ve said before, Soviet-level wrongdoing.”

Shaffer went on to call the scandal an “order of magnitude” bigger than Watergate.

We’re still probably a ways from seeing Obama taken away in handcuffs.

And, to be sure, most in the government will resist such an outcome, even Republicans.

But it’s the justice that America deserves after eight years of Obama’s scandalous behavior.

H/T Fresh Media News

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