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DISTURBING: 80-Year-Old Muslim Marries 12-Yr-Old Girl … [VIDEO]


The video you are about to watch is sooooo DISTURBING.

A 12-year-old girl is being forced to marry an 80-year-old Muslim man. We don’t know if this video is fake but honestly it just looks like a legit Muslim wedding.

According to all things left, Islam is both “modern” and the “religion of peace,” not taking to barbaric practices at all.

I know, you probably want to vomit now!

As much as I’d like to wish and hope what we just witnessed isn’t real, we have to conclude it probably is. A few things to note, other than the status of your upchuck reflex…

Look how the Islamic women, burkaed to the nines, are celebrating this occasion. Based on their jubilant reaction, not only is this practice NOT out of the norm, it’s common place. It’s an occasion which warrants their grinning celebration.

Compare the reaction of the adults to that of the tween about to be all sexified by an 80-year-old. She’s not pleased, she’s terrified. Normally when girls get married, they’re aflutter with joy. This girl? Not even close. Probably because most 12-year-old girls are crushing on Justin Beiber, not being introduced to the birds and the bees for realzies. From an 80-year-old husband.

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But hey, what this guy is doing? Just following in the steps of Muhammad. Who’s favorite bride, Aisha, was but a girl when they got hitched. Islam. It’s here, it’s real, it embraces pedophilia.

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