Disney CEO’s Sick Plan to Betray Trump AND America is EXPOSED, and It’s BAD


After Disney CEO Bob Iger suddenly canceled his attendance at President Trump’s policy forum and announced he would NOT work with the new commander-in-chief, his sick plan to betray America was exposed.

A new video report that is going viral reveals why Disney has come out against Trump’s policies, and the lengths to which the company is willing to go to bring down the president.

Iger is the co-founder of an “open borders” organization called “Partnership for a New American Economy.”

And Disney under Iger’s leadership is spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on lobbying Congress to EXPAND refugee resettlement and immigration.

Now, why would they want to do that?

Oh, right, CHEAP LABOR! (Also known as “screwing the American worker.”)

But Trump is all about AMERICAN FIRST, and companies like Disney are panicking.

Just watch how Disney’s sick plans are exposed:

And the Americans losing their jobs so Iger and Disney’s fat cats can keep more money in their pockets? Here’s one of them breaking down as he recalls having to train his foreign replacement:

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