DISGUSTING VIDEOS Show Joe Biden Groping Little Girls…Watch Girls Elbow Biden To Keep His Hands Off Their Breasts


“Creepy Joe” or “Creepy Uncle Joe” … these are Joe Biden’s nicknames and there is a reason for that.

Biden was caught numerous times groping women and young girls on camera. Of course, the media gives Joe Biden a pass, because he’s a Democrat.

One incident shows Biden’s right hand sliding down a girl’s shoulder and then his fingers creep over toward her breast. The girl elbowed Biden and stepped away from him, but Biden grabbed her and put his right hand back over her breast.

One of the best videos in the collection of Creepy Joe moments caught on tape was when the camera caught the former Senator Jeff Sessions actually SLAPPING Joe’s hands when he attempts to grab ahold of Sessions granddaughter. Watch:

In another incident from that day, Biden is meeting Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and his wife and 11-year-old daughter. The daughter puts herself on the other side of Biden from her father. Biden reaches out to shake her hand and tires to pull her toward him such that the resisting girl stumbles in her heels. Biden then asks her to hold the Bible for the swearing-in of her father to get her next to him so he could fondle her.

Biden drags her over by the arm and positions her close to him with both hands on her. Biden hugs her with his right arm after the ceremonial swearing-in, pulling her hip to his crotch. Biden then holds the girl near him for the family photo session and keeps his left arm around her waist during the photos. Biden finishes by leaning over and whispering in her ear.

Note: Watch Biden’s hand beginning at the 1:32 mark. He actually rotates his hand up to touch the side of the 11-year-old girl’s breast.

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H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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