Disgusting Photo Seems To Show Black Lives Matter Supporter Kneeling On Neck Of White Baby As Allegations Swirl


Opinion| A disturbing photo in which a black man appears to be kneeling on the neck of a white baby in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has been circulating on the Internet.

The photo is apparently legitand the mother of the infant in the photo has defended the man, her boyfriend, who is seen kneeling on the diaper clad baby’s neck, WHIOTV reported.

A social media photo of a man kneeling on the back of the neck of a child is currently under investigation by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

A picture of the post was sent into News Center 7 Tuesday, showing the man with his knee on the back of a child’s neck, who appears to be crying. A second person in the photo is holding the child’s hands behind their back. The caption of the photo reads “Blm now.”

A version of the photo, which some might find disturbing, is available at the bottom of this news story, with the faces of the child and man blurred out.

The photo resembles the action taken by Minneapolis police officers during the arrest of George Floyd May 25 that resulted in his death.

“We are looking into this case, however it is still an active investigation. At this point we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation,” Maj. Chris Clark told the news network.

The grandmother of the child in the picture, the father’s mother, was infuriated with the display, The Gateway Pundit reported.

“My son is beyond pissed. He took his boy to the ER to get checked out and everything came back good,” she said.

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“He better be glad nothing bad happened to my grandson and he better hide from all the people who will be coming for him when he gets out of jail,” she said.

The man, and that is a strong word for the coward in this photo, is Isaiah Jackson of Ohio. A man of the same name was arrested for a probation violation on July 20 though it is unknown if it is the same man, The Pundit reported.

According to what the grandmother wrote on Facebook the baby’s mother attempted to defend Jackson saying that the grandmother was “ignorant” and that “he wasn’t hurting him.”

The baby was sent to the hospital to be evaluated and is in good condition. He is now residing with his biological father.

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