DISGUSTING: Muslim Father Rapes His Own Daughter For Being ‘Too Western’


This is the kind of story that proves why President Trump’s immigration policies and vetting requirements are so necessary.

Many of those seeking to immigrate to (or rather, to infiltrate) the US are ideologically committed to lifestyles that are not compatible with our society, and in many cases are just outright illegal.

For instance, in devout Muslim homes, it is viewed as sinful to dress in a way deemed “too Western.”

Such was the case when a Muslim father in his 40s attacked and raped his 20-something daughter after she had become “too Western” for his liking.

Following the assault, the young woman ran out of their house in Fredrikstad, Norway and told a postman what had happened.

The Daily Mail reports that police responded quickly and arrested the father, who insisted he had done nothing wrong.

Sorry, pal, but if you want to live in the West, you have to obey OUR LAWS. Not Sharia Law.

And our laws say that raping anyone, let alone your own daughter, is forbidden.

H/T Freedom Daily

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