DISASTER! North Korea New Nuclear Test Kills Hundreds …


As North Korea continues to threaten the United States, it’s now reportedly dealing with a massive disaster at a nuclear test site.

Fox News reported:

About 200 people are feared dead in North Korea after underground tunnels at a nuclear test site that was feared to be unstable reportedly collapsed, crushing 100 people in the initial cave-in and 100 others when the tunnels again gave way on top of rescuers.

The collapse at the Punggye-ri test site on Oct. 10 occurred while people were doing construction on the underground tunnel, Japan’s Asahi TV reported, citing a source in North Korea. The television station also said North Korea’s sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3 most likely caused the tunnel to crumble and created serious damage in the region.

No officials have confirmed the Japanese TV station’s claims, but experts have feared for more than a month that the test site was on the verge of crumbling since the nuclear blast. North Korea said it detonated a hydrogen bomb, calling it a “perfect success.” It was the country’s most powerful bomb tested to date and the blast was reportedly 10 times more powerful than the nuclear bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima at the end of World War II.

Such news would be devastating for North Korea, as the country has conducted every nuclear test since 2006 at Punggye-ri, the BBC reported. According to Reuters, the Sept. 3 test may have “destabilized the region,” meaning the nuclear site “may not be used for much longer to test nuclear weapons.”

While North Korea continues to talk about annihilating the United States, with its nuclear program now in question, its ability to deliver on its far-fetched threat appears even more of a stretch than it was before.

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