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Disabled Army Vet Unleashes Hell After Catching Racist Black Thug Beating Elderly Man


This is the kind of story that really shows how far our nation’s morals have slipped thanks to the liberal agenda.

It used to be that respect was shown to the elderly. Now, they are beaten mercilessly over a parking space!

The Blaze has the harrowing scene from a Walmart parking lot in California:

Police say a disabled elderly man in California was beaten in a Walmart parking lot Tuesday by an unidentified man — and it all started over a parking spot.

According to KTXL-TV, the unnamed victim approached the male suspect, whose girlfriend was driving the vehicle the couple was in, and accused the woman of parking illegally. That’s when things got heated.

“All of a sudden, the guy just attacked him — older gentleman,” Chris Bennett, who witnessed the incident with his girlfriend Suzie Fowler, said. “Opened up his door, grabbed him around his neck, punched him a couple of times.”

That’s when Bennett himself stepped in.

A disabled Army vet, Bennett quickly beat back the thug and had him fleeing for his waiting car.

“I got the suspect off of the victim,” Bennett said. “He had no respect for the elderly or anybody out there.”

Benett, for his part, is warning whoever the suspect is to turn himself in because “next time [he] might not be so lucky.”

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