Did you notice what Ivanka did when she left the White House today?


It’s incredible. Never before has a First Daughter been nearly as noticeable, important and influential as her father, the president.

But Ivanka Trump is all those things. And Americans couldn’t be more pleased.

Ivanka is a smart, capable and beautiful woman who proudly and effectively represents the very best about America.

And that’s why when she left the White House today, there was one seemingly minor detail that everyone noticed, and that says EVERYTHING about who Ivanka is.

As she and husband Jared Kushner walked to Marine One, it was what Ivanka was wearing that caught everyone’s eye.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.07.18 PM

This is a woman of incredible wealth.

She has high-end designers at her beck and call.

And yet, Ivanka has no problem entering and exiting the most important building on earth wearing a simple $120 summer dress from J Crew.

In other words, Ivanka knows who she is – she doesn’t need to flaunt it. She isn’t stuck-up, despite her wealth and power.

And that’s EXACTLY the kind of person we want representing America. Especially after eight years of the Obamas’ incredible arrogance.

It’s ironic, really. Ivanka has far more reason to be proud and arrogant than Michelle Obama. And yet, she’s subdued and quietly powerful.

It was Teddy Rosevelt who said America should “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

Ivanka embodies that principle perfectly.

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