Did you Know Stormy Daniels Was Arrested For Beating Her Husband? Did You Know She Also Ran For…


I bet you didn’t know that Stormy Daniels ran for US Senate against a Republican in 2009. I bet you didn’t know that she was arrested on domestic abuse charges in 2009. I bet you didn’t know her campaign manager’s car was blown up while he was out for a walk with his wife.

Why does the media never mention Daniels’ political ambitions when they talk about her coordinated smear campaign agaisnt Donald Trump? Why do they never mention her domestic abuse charges or that her campaign manager’s car was blown up under suspicious circumstances?

While the mainstream media attempts to remake the XXX actress’ image to look more like a school librarian, than a porn star in her appearances on fake news cable outlets and a variety of late night shows, the fact of the matter is, she’s still a pornography actress with political ambitions, and apparently a violent temper to boot.

There’s so much the media is willing to keep quiet. It almost makes one wonder if they have a bias against our President…

Late night tv and the media can’t get enough of her. People like Andersen Cooper who like to think of themselves as “journalists” are clammoring to get an interview with her. The woman who’s made a living being naked, has become the best friend of the left, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel and recently on SNL.

Daniels brags about of her TV appearances on her Instagram account.

CBS News via AP report

July 30, 2009 – It’s been a tough week for porn actress Stormy Daniels – complete with a domestic violence charge and a car explosion – as she continues to mull a U.S. Senate bid that could make life uncomfortable for incumbent first-term Louisiana Republican David Vitter, still recovering from a sex scandal.

Daniels was arrested Saturday on a domestic violence battery charge after she allegedly hit her husband at their home in Tampa, Fla., during a dispute about laundry and unpaid bills.

Her arrest came two days after her political adviser in Louisiana, Brian Welsh, said his parked 1996 Audi may have been blown up by someone on July 23 outside his apartment in an upscale downtown area of New Orleans.

The police report said Daniels allegedly “threw a potted plant at the kitchen sink,” hit Mosny on the head several times and “threw their wedding album onto the floor and knocked candles off coffee table, breaking them.”

The bad week, though, started on July 23 when her political adviser’s car blew up in suspicious circumstances in New Orleans.

Welsh, a Democratic adviser and manager of the Stormy Daniels Senate Exploratory Committee LLC., said his Audi convertible exploded into flames around 11:15 p.m. July 23, a Thursday, while he and his wife were walking their dog nearby.

He said he became suspicious after reviewing surveillance tapes of the street where his car was parked, wedged between other vehicles.

On fuzzy security tapes that Welsh posted on YouTube, a person in a white shirt can be seen loitering around his car and apparently getting into it shortly before the car explodes in a ball of flames.

Firefighters responded to a 911 call at 11:23 p.m. and put the fire out by 12:06 a.m., said Michael Williams of the New Orleans Fire Department.

Welsh’s car was parked Wednesday in the same spot where it caught on fire, on a little-used street near the New Orleans convention center.

New Orleans police and the FBI did not immediately comment.

Welsh said he had no suspects, but feared someone caused the explosion.

“Maybe there is a reason, more of an intentional reason for the car blowing up,” Welsh said. “I want to get more facts.”

Welsh said he was uncertain if the explosion was connected to his work with Daniels.

“Clearly, if someone tried to blow up my car, it’s cause for concern; it’s not cause for me to stop doing my job, stop me from talking about the things that are important,” Welsh said. “If anybody had been walking by when that car blew up, they would have been seriously injured or killed.”

In February 2009, CNN did a story on Daniels political ambitions. Funny, that CNN’s Andersen Cooper never mentioned her arrest for domestic abuse, or her run for US Senate against a Republican candidate. 

From the CNN article (promotional piece):

 “I think anyone that knows me … is more than aware of that,” Daniels said. “Politics can’t be any dirtier of a job than the one I am already in.”

According to a capsule bio on the Draft Stormy Web site, Daniels has been “breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings her entire life,” serving as editor of her high school newspaper and president of her school’s 4-H Club and eventually transferring “her determination and talents to the professional level, becoming a featured performer in the adult entertainment industry.”

Can someone please explain why this story has been hidden byt the mainstream media or why Andersen Cooper didn’t ask Stormy about her “stormy” past?

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