Did Roger Goodell Just Signal the End of the NFL as We Know It?


Roger Goodell has been a disaster for the NFL, most notably because of his impotent handling of the National Anthem protests by players.

The fact is that Goodell not only bungled the matter, he actually surrendered to these unpatriotic players who make millions playing America’s favorite sport.

First, Goodell publicly backed those players taking a knee during the anthem. Then, he agreed to give a whopping $90 million to the social justice causes of their choice, even without demanding that they reciprocate by no longer kneeling during the anthem!

A number of team owners were determined to give Goodell the boot in order to get the league back on track.

Instead, Goodell was just signed to five more years as commissioner.

But, that’s not all.

Despite the fact that the NFL is losing money hand-over-fist thanks to these protests, Goodell’s going to get paid as much as $200 MILLION!

Via Breitbart:

The contract details of Goodell’s deal are rather incredible. According to a report from Charles Gasparino of Fox Business, “The contract extension carries a five-year term that will keep Goodell in place as commissioner through 2024. Goodell will earn a guaranteed annual salary of $3.5 million, though he could earn as much as $50 million through incentives.”

Meaning, despite the NFL experiencing unprecedented declines in television ratings and in-game attendance, the NFL has just signed Roger Goodell to a deal that could be worth up to $200 million.

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If the NFL keeps losing money at its current pace, and it will with Goodell at the helm, not only will he never see that much money, the league itself could collapse.

It’s a danger that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and several of his fellow owners recognized, and did their best rid themselves of such a burden.

Instead, the burden just grew, and the NFL is going to pay the price.

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