Did Obama’s Betrayal of Israel Set in Motion War of Gog and Magog?


An Orthodox Jewish Bible researcher says there is evidence that President Obama set in motion the End Times showdown known as the War of Gog and Magog when he betrayed Israel at the UN Security Council last month.

Eli Soble said that Obama’s actions are “a sign of redemption, a sign that Messiah is close.”

In a Facebook video that is going viral, Soble explained:

“The great Jewish prophecy of Gog and Magog is…the last great barrier before we reach redemption, and it’s appearing, it’s materializing, right before our eyes.”

First, the prophet Zechariah foretells a time when Jerusalem would become “a stone of burden” to the international community. This was clearly seen in two recent UN decisions that sought to redefine Jerusalem’s history and ownership.

Second, according to Jewish teaching, the Gog and Magog of the End Times find a parallel in the Assyrian invader Sennacherib, a narcissistic king who tried to defy God and take Jerusalem from Israel.

Soble said that many Jews see in Obama the likeness of Sennacherib.

Following Obama’s betrayal of Israel, and just before he leaves office, France will convene a “peace” summit to discuss the situation in Israel.

What’s interesting is that, as Reuters reported, France is calling together “some 70 countries.”

Soble noted that the Bible and other Jewish texts use the phrase “70 nations” to symbolically mean all the nations of the earth, even if their actual number is higher.

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And so, fueled by Obama’s action, and hoping to strike before he leaves the White House, “all the nations of the earth” will gather next week to make their own determination regarding Jerusalem.

But, as the Bible also says, God is not mocked.

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