Did Obama Just Come Out of the Closet?


Barack Obama might have just accidentally come out of the closet as Climate Change Denier, despite years of championing the notion of Global Warming.

While he’s never say as much publicly, Obama’s actions speak louder than words.

And just this month, Barack and Michelle did something that very strongly suggests they don’t actually buy all that hype they helped push about how the climate is changing so rapidly that coastal regions will soon be uninhabitable.

They bought a new big house… on the coast… on a small island.

The Obamas’ new 7,000-square-foot, $15-million-dollar home is situated right on the beach on Martha’s Vineyard with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here it is, in all its glory:

As John Nolte noted over at Breitbart:

Now, some might see an awful lot of hypocrisy in a Global Warming believer like Obama purchasing a massive estate that will create an equally massive carbon footprint.

Fair enough.

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But that only proves Barry’s a hypocrite, not that he’s a Global Warming Denier.

Investing some $15 million to live on an island home that sits right on the Atlantic Ocean…? You want to know what this is… That is not just the actions of a hypocrite; what we have here is a full-blown Global Warming Denier, a Climate Denier, someone who is so sure the sea levels will never rise, he’s backing up that certainty with $15 million.

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