Did Michelle Obama Just Call For a Rebellion Against Trump?!


Just a few days ago, Michelle Obama claimed that she and her family were doing all they could to help the Trump family transition into the White House.

She claimed to respect our democracy and the transfer of power to the new, duly elected president.

But her tweet on Martin Luther King Day exposed her as not only a liar, but possibly a genuine traitor.

“Thinking of Dr. King and great leaders like @repjohnlewis who carry on his legacy. May their example be our call to action,” Michelle wrote on her “First Lady” Twitter account.

Now, what could she possibly be referring to?

It can’t simply be Congressman John Lewis’ civil rights activism. There are plenty of other old-time activists that Michelle could have highlighted.

No, Lewis is currently in the limelight, and for a very different reason. He is leading the Democratic charge of trying to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. He has said as much on live TV.

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And he’s boycotting Trump’s inauguration.

And this is the man Michelle decided to give a shout out to. After she claimed to respect Trump’s victory and our democracy.

Let’s read between the lines just a little bit. Michelle wants more Americans to follow John Lewis’ example. She wants rebellion against Trump.

H/T The Hill

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