Devin Nunes Just Risked Everything To Say Something To Laura That’ll Take Down The FBI


The Deep State is out of control and they need to be stopped ASAP. Laura Ingraham launched the very first episode of the Ingraham Angle on Fox News.

Rep. Nunes told Laura Ingraham that James Comey and the entire FBI brass might be lying to Congress about who funded the anti-Trump dossier.

Rep. Devin Nunes said: “If people really believe that the FBI who paid for that dossier I’ve got a bridge to sell you. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY that the FBI did not know who paid for that dossier.”

Laura Ingraham: “So who’s lying at the FBI?”

Rep. Nunes: “We don’t really know. Is it just Comey or is it the whole FBI?”

Laura Ingraham: “What you’re saying about the FBI there, that’s quite a charge.”

Rep. Nunes: “Absolutely. This is the government out of control… It’s not OK for us to ask SINCE MARCH who paid for the dossier? What did you use the dossier for? And it comes out only because of subpoenas to the bank, the bank was going to have to produce the subpoenas that – then they cut a deal.”

Share this if you don’t trust the FBI anymore. What the heck?! They have ruined their reputation in the protection of Hillary Clinton.

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