DEVELOPING: Trump Orders B-52 Bombers to Prepare to Fly on North Korea


There is now no question that North Korea is going to be President Trump’s first major international crisis.

The communist regime has put itself on a suicidal collision course with Trump that it seems can only end in war.

And, unlike Obama, President Trump is determined to not be caught unprepared.

After North Korea this week test fired missiles designed to attack US bases in Japan, Trump reportedly ordered a fleet of B-52 nuclear bombers to prepare to fly on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea tested other ballistic missiles that exerts said could be used in an attack on Hawaii.

The B-52s will be deployed to South Korea as a strong deterrent to North Korean aggression. But the communist regime has demonstrated that it’s insane enough to ignore such warnings.


And it gets worse.

The former CIA deputy bureau chief for Korea, Bruce Klinger, said North Korea can probably already nuke America, and can certainly nuke South Korea or Japan at any moment.

“I think North Korea already has, or we have to assume they have for claiming purposes, the ability to hit the United States today with a nuclear weapon,” Klinger said.

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“Many experts think they already have a nuclear warhead for the medium range missile which can range South Korea and Japan, putting those two countries, our two allies, under a nuclear threat today,” he added.

Source: The Sun

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