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Devastated Mom Warns Parents After 14-mth-old Daughter Ends up in ER for THIS Reason


Rebecca Cannon thought she did everything right before her 14-month-old daughter, Kyla, went out to play on an overcast day a few weeks ago. Cannon, 32, was visiting her sister in Newfoundland, Canada, and had forgotten their usual sunscreen, so borrowed some.

She sprayed the Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 on her hands and gently rubbed it on Kyla’s nose and cheeks.

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“When it came to having sunscreen on, I thought it was better to have some sunscreen than none at all,” Cannon told TODAY.

In a short time, the little girl’s face became red and swollen. The next morning, it was worse.

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“She was red. She was blistering,” Cannon said.

Cannon, who lives in Botwood, Newfoundland, Canada, took Kyla to the ER where doctors diagnosed her with a second degree burn. But Cannon couldn’t figure out how Kyla received the burn. On top of having the sunscreen, Kyla wore a hat and was covered for much of the day. Plus, the sun didn’t seem to cause burns on anyone, including Cannon, who wasn’t wearing sunscreen.

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“She was the only one who had the sunscreen on and she is the only one who burned,” Cannon said.

The doctors prescribed a cream, but after two applications, Kyla’s face was redder and more swollen. They returned to the ER and Kyla was then sent to a dermatologist, who diagnosed her with a “caustic burn from something in the sunscreen.”

“There are specific sunscreens for different ages because there are unique biological differences at different ages,” Friedman said. “Infant skin is much more irritable.”

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