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Deutsch: Trump Supporters Are ’50 Million Jerks,’ ‘Really Suck As Human Beings’


MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch on Thursday’s broadcast of “Deadline,” declared that the supporters of President Donald Trump were “50 million jerks” who do not care about Americans dying in the pandemic.

He pointed to a sign he saw during footage of the Trump event in Valdosta, GA to back up his point.

While discussing yesterday’s record high COVID death rate, Deutsch said, “Here is the problem, in one of your earlier segment you showed a crowd at a Trump rally and someone held up a sign that said ‘99% survival rate is not an emergency.’

That is the mindset of somebody if you were in a movie theater with 100 people and one person was going to die, the other 99 shouldn’t care, shouldn’t huddle around.

And that is the problem in this country is that we have a part of this country I’ll call un-greatest Generation that is a ‘me’ culture. If it doesn’t affect me, I don’t give a damn. That sign said it all.”… (Read more)

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