Detroit Police Chief Demands Rashida Tlaib Resign After ‘Reckless’ Comments


Rashida Tlaib has taken it too far.

The second-term congresswoman from Detroit and charter member of the “squad” has a well-earned reputation among conservatives for running off at the mouth in the service of the leftist agenda, but her call last week to end policing in the country entirely is getting criticism from much closer to home.

And it’s coming from a voice Tlaib should find hard to ignore.

In an interview Sunday with WJBK-TV, the Fox affiliate in the Detroit area, Detroit Police Chief James Craig made it clear he would not be sorry to see Tlaib take a permanent leave of absence from a congressional position.

“I’d love to see her resign. I’d throw her a goodbye party,” Craig told interviewer Charlie Langton, an attorney and WJBK anchor.

“Let her go. Who is she speaking for, Charlie? Let me just say this, when you talk about abolishing police, and incarceration, and you talk about safe cities — what do you think the residents in Detroit want? I know, I speak with them.”

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