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Detroit Lions Owner Found The Best Way To Make Her Players Stop Kneeling… This is BRILLIANT!


NFL players continue to kneel during the National Anthem.

Team owners really don’t know what to do. Martha Ford, Detroit Lions owner, found a great solution: rewarding those player that respect the anthem.

Martha Ford reportedly has now incentivized her players to stand by offering up donations and her name to the Charity of their choice IF they respect the anthem.

Do you agree with her solution?

“We do dance around the topic a lot and Mrs. Ford has come forward and said that as long a we compromise as a team and unify and make a unified demonstration, she’ll back us financially. So I’m definitely going to hold her to her word.”

Now some people may see this as nothing more than simple bribery. I don’t. I see a billionaire owner putter her money where her mouth is to defend the Anthem we all love.

The Result? Standing players of course.

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