Despite Troubling Remarks on Gun Control, Trump is Still Beating Ronald Reagan


Last week, President Trump made some remarks about endorsing bipartisan gun control laws that worried his conservative voters.

At the same time, the Heritage Foundation reported that Trump just might be the most effective conservative president EVER.

Typically, Ronald Reagan is held aloft as the role model for modern conservative presidents.

But a Heritage Foundation report noted that Trump has far outpaced Reagan in actually implementing a conservative agenda.

Via World Net Daily:

Nearly two-thirds of the 334 items called for by the Heritage Foundation‘s legendary “Mandate for Leadership” blueprint have been accomplished in Trump’s first year in office, reported the Washington Examiner.

The Heritage Foundation’s Thomas Binion said Trump has implemented 64 percent of the “unique policy recommendations” from the group while Reagan had completed 49 percent at this stage in his presidency.

“We’re blown away,” Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations at Heritage, told the Examiner.

He said Trump “is very active, very conservative, and very effective.”

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