Despicable Lowlifes Disrupt Marine’s Funeral, but Get a BRUTAL Surprise


There’s nothing quite so despicable as celebrating the death of an American soldier who has sacrificed his or her own life for our sakes.

Then again, Westboro Baptist Church has made a name by being as despicable as possible, so I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised.

But these lunatic “Christians” (if they can even be called that) were the ones who got surprised when they decided to show up at the funeral of Marine Cpl. Richard Bennett.

Bennett had been tragically killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq.

As he was being laid to rest, Westboro Baptist showed up to mock and ridicule the deceased, and to “thank” God for sending yet another American soldier to his grave.

Needless to say, the grieving family was further devastated by this shameful showing.

But then something amazing happened.

A biker group known as the Patriot Guard Riders got wind of Westboro’s disgusting plans and also showed up at Bennett’s funeral. They quickly formed an honor guard and kept the Westboro rioters away from Bennett’s family.

Here they are in action, escorting Cpl. Bennett to his final resting place:

Via TapHaps

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