DESPICABLE Liberal Professor Defends Muslim Slavery, Says Rape is Lawful Under Sharia Law


How is it that such garbage is allowed to be taught in AMERICAN universities?

When American professors are teaching that slavery is moral and rape is acceptable, you know we have a problem.

And that’s precisely what happened at a recent lecture given by Jonathan Brown, a professor at Georgetown University’s International Institute of Islamic Thought.

Brown condemned the history of slavery in the US, UK and China. But said that since the Muslims follow Sharia Law, slavery is just fine in the Arab world.

He even tried to make it sound as though slaves in the Muslim Arab world were being done a favor!

According to Brown, “slavery was never radicalized” in Muslim societies. Apparently the man has a very selective view of the Middle East today and Arab Muslim history in general.

Brown went so far as to say that in general (not just under Islam) “it’s not immoral for one human to own another human.” He justified such nonsense by claiming that being someone’s employee was akin to slavery.

If that wasn’t enough, Brown then really went off the rails.

According to this paragon of liberal intellect, “consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex.”

Get that? He say’s that rape is OK.

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After all, as the professor explained, sexual consent is only a very recent concept, and only in the West.

Again, this is what flies as “higher education” in some American universities? We need someone to take a serious stand against this crap.

H/T Independent Sentinel

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