DeSantis Set to Sign Bill Restricting Social Media Banning


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a bold, pre-emptive move to block Big Tech censorship of conservative politicians and media outlets.

The move comes amid mounting speculation that former President Donald Trump — a Florida resident — is considering running for president again in 2024.

Legislation pushed by DeSantis will make it a crime for social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to deplatform state political candidates or “journalistic enterprises” such as Project Veritas.

Any social media company that violates this statute will be fined $250,000 a day for permanently banning any statewide political candidate and $25,000 a day for local candidates. The fines proposed in the initial legislation were smaller but got bumped up.

The legislation also says if a “social media platform willfully provides free advertisements for a candidate, such advertisement is deemed an in-kind contribution.”

Moreover, it will allow users of social media platforms to sue the platforms if they fail to apply their standards consistently or if they censor or suspend a user without proper notice.

The statute allows tech companies to suspend a user for up to 14 days for violating their terms of service but requires them to give that user seven days’ notice that he is at risk of being banned as well as an opportunity to correct the issue.

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