DeSantis Raises Record $105M For His Re-Election Bid Amid Disney War 


Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is going into his November re-election bid having racked up more than $105 million in donations, the most recent campaign data show.

The popular GOP official has been floated as a potential 2024 presidential nominee, and his massive war chest at the end of March is more typical of a national candidate than one running for state office.

He’s the first gubernatorial candidate in Florida history to pull in nine figures through donations alone — 138,221 of them, according to campaign filings.

DeSantis’ name has dominated headlines in recent months amid a heated ideological battle with the Walt Disney Company over his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, and signing legislation making sweeping conservative reforms to abortion access, election security and education.

That includes a bill banning Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools and his Parental Rights In Education law — which Disney publicly opposes — that prohibits instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade and mandates it be ‘age-appropriate’ otherwise.

DeSantis’ campaign saw nearly 950 donations that brought in roughly $30,000 in just a single day when his campaign sent out its first anti-Disney fundraising email, according to a breakdown by the Tampa Bay Times.

More than 500 people donated a sum total of about $18,000 after a second email blasting the entertainment giant was sent out less than a week later.

The wave of moral outrage DeSantis has ridden has set him up to continue a high-profile war with the Biden administration that began with his rejection of any COVID-19 public health mandates.

Republican donors have poured in their cash in response. And unlike most gubernatorial races, DeSantis has been seeing a range of payments — small and large — from states like California, Virginia, Ohio and others.

One of his Democratic opponents, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, pointed out the geographical breadth of DeSantis’ donors in a recent press conference.

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‘He is raising dollars outside, mostly, from the state of Florida for his run for president in 2024 and using the people of our state in order to get there,’ Fried said.

Campaign finance laws however prohibit the governor from funneling his state campaign cash into a federal operation.

That hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to raise their own cash off fears that DeSantis would mount his own White House bid.

House Democrats’ campaign arm, known as the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, sent out a fundraising email on Tuesday highlighting a recent straw poll that apparently showed the Sunshine State’s governor toward the top of a list of potential … (Read more)

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